LEEP Precision Integrated Workstation (CooperSurgical™)

Fully integrated and mobile, the LEEP Precision System combines three components – Cart, Generator and Smoke Evacuator.

Order Codes

Code Description
LP-10-120 LEEP PRECISION Integrated System, 120V
LP-10-220 LEEP PRECISION Integrated System, 220V
LP-20-120 LEEP PRECISION Generator 120V
LP-20-220 LEEP PRECISION Generator 220V
LP-30-120 LEEP PRECISION Smoke Evacuator, 120V, Stand-Alone
LP-30-220 LEEP PRECISION Smoke Evacuator, 220V, Stand-Alone
LP-50-101 Hand Switch-Operated Push Button Cautery Pencils (10/Box)
LP-50-102 Foot Pedal-Operated Cautery Pencils (10/Box)
LP-50-103 Foot Pedal Adapter (1/Bag)
LP-50-201 Dual Dispersive Electrodes with Connector (10/Box)
LP-50-202 Dual Dispersive Electrodes without Connector (Connect to Reusable Cable) (10/Box)
LP-50-203 Reusable Cable (1/Bag)
52560 Smoke Evacuator Pre-Filter, Single-Patient Use (10/Bag)
6082 Smoke Evacuator ULPA Filter (1/Box)
6083 Smoke Evacuator Reducer, Single-Patient Use (10/Bag)
6084 Smoke Evacuator Tubing - 6 ft. long,
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