Pharma Analytics KingFisher™ Apex 96 Standard Plates, Barcoded (Thermo Scientific™)

These standard plates are for use with the Pharma KingFisher Flex 96 Deep-Well Head Magnetic Particle Processor or MagMAX Express-96 Standard Magnetic Particle Processor in combination with PrepSEQ ResDNA kits and ProteinSEQ kits. The standard configuration differs from the deep-well configuration in that the volume of sample input is from 20–200 μL per well compared to 100–1000 μL per well for the deep-well configuration.

Optimize performance using KingFisher Flex System consumables designed specifically for use with these instruments. KingFisher Flex disposable plastics (tip combs and microplates) are made of polypropylene and are ideal for magnetic particle processing because of their low binding affinity for biomolecules. Their special design enables excellent recovery of magnetic beads.

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