Breast Aspiration Dual-Port Biopsy Needle (CooperSurgical™)

Breast aspiration with a dual-port needle is considered highly accurate for the cytological evaluation of breast cysts and nodules. The aspiration is less traumatic and is well tolerated. Reduces the need for and cost of hospitalization. Procedure can be performed in your office in 15 minutes or less.

Order Codes

Code Description
MX40 Dual-Port Needle with 3-finger control with 12 cc Syringe, 3 in. (12/Box)
MX41 Dual-Port Needle with 3-finger control 12 cc Syringe, 1½ in. (12/Box)
MX42 Dual-Port Needle, No Syringe, 1½ in. (5/Box)
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