Esophageal Balloon Catheter Set (CooperSurgical™)

• Ease of Insertion – The catheter comes with a new, easy-to-remove PTFE-coated stylet to aid the insertion procedure
• Comfort – The 5 French catheter is soft and pliable, offering maximum patient comfort over extended time periods
• Ease of Positioning – The new proximal Y-connector allows for precise balloon positioning with the stylet in place
• Depth Markings – The catheter is radiopaque with numerical depth markings to facilitate positioning
• Ease of Connection – The catheter has a standard female Luer connector
• Several Applications – Ideal for monitoring ventilator and sleep apnea patients and calculating lung compliance

Order Codes

Code Description
47-9005 5 Fr Catheter, latex-free balloon, Stylet, 36" Pressure Monitoring Extension, 3-way Stopcock (5/Box)
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