ClearTone Fetal and Vascular Probes (ClearTone™)

Interchangeable fetal and vascular probes / optional waterproof fetal model offer versatility for all clinical settings. Probes are available in several ultrasonic frequencies to suit your needs.

Order Codes

Code Description
CTP-2-Clinic ClearTone 2 MHz Fetal Probe
CTP-W-Clinic ClearTone 2 MHz Waterproof Fetal Probe
CTP-3-Clinic ClearTone 3 MHz Fetal Probe
CTP-4-Clinic ClearTone 4 MHz Vascular Probe
CTP-5-Clinic ClearTone 5 MHz Vascular Probe
CTP-8-Clinic ClearTone 8 MHz Vascular Probe
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