GyneCath Uterine Infusion Catheter (GyneCath™)

The GyneCath Uterine Infusion Catheter is a minimally invasive device used to help identify causes of abnormal uterine bleeding or infertility. GyneCath is designed for use in saline-infusion hysterosonography and water-based hysterosalpingography. The product comes in three variations to suit your practice needs, including catheters only, procedure tray sets with catheters, and procedure tray sets with no catheter.

Procedure tray sets include:
• Fenestrated drape
• Disposable speculum
• Disposable cervical dilator
• Three swab sticks
• Sterile Wraps
• Inner tray for povidone-iodine solution
• One pack of providone-iodine solution
• 36-inch extension tube
• 20 cc syringe with 18-gauge needle
• Lubricating jelly packet
• Sanitary napkin

Order Codes

Code Description
19610 GyneCath 5 Fr Catheter (10/Box, 40/Case)
19611 GyneCath 7 Fr Catheter (10/Box, 40/Case)
19612 GyneCath 5 Fr Tray Set (10 Trays/Case)
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