Hysterosonography and Hysterosalpingography Procedure Tray (Ackrad™)

The H/S Procedure Tray contains components routinely used for conducting Hysterosonography or Hysterosalpingography procedures.  The tray contains either a 5F or 7F H/S Catheter Set.  The H/S Catheter Set provided in the tray is not compatible with oil-based contrast media.  All components are latex free.  The H/S Procedure Tray contains:

• One H/S Catheter Set
• One sanitary napkin
• One packet povidone-iodine ointment
• Two packets povidone-iodine solution
• One 6” sponge swab, one packet lubricating jelly
• One fenestrated drape
• Two gauze pads 3” x 3”
• One over-wrap 30” x 30”
• One 18 gauge needle
• Three 8” swabs
• One 20cc syringe
• One 36” extension tube set
• One disposable vaginal speculum
• One cervical dilator

Order Codes

Code Description
61-5205 H/S Procedure Tray – Round 5 Fr
61-5207 H/S Procedure Tray – Round 7 Fr
61-3205 H/S Procedure Tray – Round 5 Fr with Stylet
61-3207 H/S Procedure Tray – Round 7 Fr with Stylet
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