LEEP Accessories and Supplies (CooperSurgical™)

All the necessary supplies to supplement your LEEP System.

Order Codes

Code Description
395-302 Conductive Electrode Pads, Disposable for ESU (25/Box)
395-305 Conductive Electrode Pads, Dual Dispersive, Disposable (25/Box) Plus II Gen.
395-310 Hand-Switch Pencil and Cord, Disposable (25/Box)
72308 Dual Section Grounding Pads (10/Box)
72102 Filter/Hose set for Smoke Evacuator (Pack of 3)
72311 Patient Return Cable
22192 LEEP 6000 Return Pad
22191 Foot Pedal
6040 Handpiece, Single Patient Use (10/Box)
23635 Patient Return Pad Adapter for LEEP System 1000 (for use with 6050P1 pads)
6032 Foot Pedal for LEEP System 1000
34371 LEEP System 1000 Manual (No charge)
6150 Disposable Smoke Evacuator Tubing – 9" straw (50/Bag)
52560 Smoke Evacuator Prefilter (10/Box)
6082 Smoke Evacuator ULPA Filter (1/Each)
6084 Smoke Evacuator Tubing – 6', ½" outer diameter, sterile (10/Box)
395-703 Smoke Evacuator Filters for MiniVac Stackhouse Evacuator (3/Case)
395-704 Smoke Evacuator Tubing Assembly; Corrugated Tubing Reducer. 3⁄8" Tubing (3/Box)
6083 Smoke Evacuator Reducer (10/Box)
395-210 Electrode Tip Cleanser, Disposable (24/Box)
6050P1 LEEP Return Pad, Single Patient Use (10/Box)
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