Dilateria (Laminaria Hyperborea) (Dilateria™)

Dilateria is ideal for gentle, atraumatic cervical dilation. It is a by-product of Laminaria Japonica, a natural plant from Northern Asia. The plant’s stipe, or stem, is dried, sized and subsequently hand-processed to ensure proper rounding of the tip and a more uniform diameter. Dilateria provides a gradual dilation by absorbing natural uterine secretions in return slowly swells the laminaria causing cervical dilation.  A string is attached for ease of location and removal, while a disc placed at the end minimizes further migration into the cervical canal.  

Order Codes

Code Description
MX210 Dilateria Thin, 3 mm
MX220 Dilateria Medium, 4 mm
MX230 Dilateria Thick, 5 mm
MX240 Dilateria Extra-Thick, 6 mm
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