Volatile Organic Compounds Level Monitor (RI™)

RI's VOC Meters are the most advanced, sensitive and reliable handheld VOC detectors on the market. As Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the lab can have a negative effect on ART results, it is important to be able to monitor these levels.

Key Features


Proven PID technology.  The patented 3D sensor provides 3 second response from 0.1 ppm to 10.000 ppm and sets a new standard for resistance to moisture and dirt


Up to 200 times more sensitive to VOCs than conventional Heated Metal Oxide Sensors (HMOS) Detects more chemicals than with any other method: 252 chemicals calibrated to date with more being tested. Air samples can be collected by device for laboratory identification of Volatile Organic Compounds

User Friendly

User-friendly screens make it easy to use for simple applications and flexible enough for sophisticated options. Easy-to-read display with backlight


6 month capacity of data at one minute intervals for download to a PC (with the optional datalogging)

Self Cleaning

Self-cleaning lamp and sensor: Patented self-cleaning lamp and sensor minimize the need for maintenance and calibration

Order Codes

Code Description
7-90-040-2 VOC Meter v2.0.  Records levels of toxins in laboratory air
7-90-041-2 VOC Meter v2.0 with Accessory Kit (hard case, 5 filters/o-rings and vapour zeroing kit)
7-90-042-2 VOC Meter v2.0 with Datalogging (ProRAE Suite and cable)
7-90-043-2 VOC Meter v2.0 with Datalogging and Accessory Kit
7-90-045 Humidity trap for VOC Meter – pack of 10.  Allows use in incubator.  For v1.0 only
7-90-044 Calibration Kit with Gas Flow Regulator and Isobutylene Gas cylinder
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