2000mL BIOS Swinging Bucket Rotors (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific™ 2000mL BIOS swinging bucket rotors are designed for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ BIOS 16 bioprocessing centrifuge. The rotor, buckets and bottles which are provided as a set, have been engineered to simplify operation of the centrifuge while maximizing productivity.

Key Features

Achieve efficient and reliable sample processing with the following features:
  • 6 x 2000mL (12L) capacity at 4,700 max rpm (7,187 x g max RCF) operation;
  • 8 x 2000mL (16L)  capacity at 3,900 max rpm (5,374 x g max RCF) operation
  • Easy-to-use innovative 2000mL bucket and bottle with a wide mouth design requires no bridge and are resistant to 1000 cycles
  • Thermo Scientific™ Eco-Spin™ windshield provides energy savings up to 60% when compared with non-windshielded rotors
  • Compatible with Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lid™ and Auto-ID™ enabling instant lid opening, storage and rotor identification that saves time and protects the integrity of your samples
  • 2-year warranty

Upgrade to Thermo Scientific™ Dura-Coat™ buckets with nickel-coating to improve protection against corrosion due to moisture, chemicals or alkaline solutions.

Order Codes

Code Description
75003962 Unit Size: Each
Description: 6 x 2000 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor, Oval Buckets and 2000 mL Bottles
Capacity: 6 x 2,000mL
Max. Speed: 4,700rpm
Max. RCF: 7,187 x g
75003982 Unit Size: Each
Description: 8 x 2000 mL Swinging Bucket Rotor, Oval Buckets and 2000 mL Bottles
Capacity: 8 x 2,000mL
Max. Speed: 3,900rpm
Max. RCF: 5,374 x g
75003964 Unit Size: Each
Description: Oval Bucket (set of 2)
Max. Speed:
Max. RCF:
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