ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder Set, ready-to-use (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder Set contains two ladders: ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 1 and ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 2. Both are mixtures of chromatography-purified individual DNA fragments.The set is designed for fast and highly accurate sizing of a broad range (100-20,000 bp) of DNA fragments and their approximate quantification under a variety of electrophoresis conditions. The band pattern is not affected by the composition of electrophoresis buffer, voltage or gel percentage (see Table 1).


• Flexible—can be run in two lanes or combined in one lane
• Composed of chromatography purified individual DNA fragments
• Ready-to-use—premixed with a loading dye for direct loading and room temperature storage
• Supplied with loading dye for sample DNA

• For fast separation, the ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 1 and 2 are loaded into two different wells in the same gel to evaluate a wide range of DNA bands during short electrophoresis runs. For longer runs, equal amounts of both ladders are loaded into the same gel well. Three reference bands will then be formed during electrophoresis of the mixed ZipRuler ladder. Longer electrophoresis run times are needed to achieve full separation of complex ladder.

ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 1 is premixed with the 6X Orange DNA Loading Dye (orange G and xylene cyanol), whereas ZipRuler Express DNA Ladder 2 is premixed with the 6X MassRuler DNA Loading Dye (bromophenol blue).

When both ladders are loaded in the same gel lane, the migration of DNA is monitored by three electrophoresis tracking dyes (bromophenol blue, xylene cyanol FF and orange G).

The set is supplied with 6X Orange DNA Loading Dye for sample DNA.

Order Codes

Code Description
SM1373 Unit Size: 2 x 50 µg
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