1-Step™ TMB-Blotting Substrate Solution (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific Pierce TMB-Blotting 1-Step Solution is a ready-to-use solution of the blue TMB peroxidase (HRP) substrate that is specially formulated for chromogenic detection in Western blot and IHC experiments.

TMB (3,3',5,5'-tetramethylbenzidine; MW = 240.4) is most often used as a soluble substrate to detect the activity of peroxidase-conjugated antibodies in ELISA. Pierce TMB-Blotting Solution is formulated to precipitate and localize the blue reaction product onto membrane surfaces or tissue samples at sites where the peroxidase-substrate reaction occurs. TMB-Blotting Substrate produces a very large signal-to-noise ratio, although its high sensitivity requires careful washing and blocking to avoid background staining. When performing immunohistochemical techniques, aqueous counterstains and mounting medium must be used.

Features of 1-Step TMB-Blotting Solution:

HRP substrate—for sensitive detection of horseradish peroxidase activity on solid media
Chromogenic—no special equipment needed for visualization; produces dark blue bands in Western blots; is not as susceptible to fading as AEC or 4-CN substrates
Ready-to-use—no organic solvents are required to dissolve; no dilution necessary for use
Complete—does not require other buffers or addition of hydrogen peroxide

• For best results, use TMB-Blotting Substrate with blots that have been blocked with Thermo Scientific SuperBlock Blocking Buffers for Blotting (Part No. 37517, 37537)

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34018 Unit Size: 250 mL
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