Zenon™ Alexa Fluor™ 568 Mouse IgG1 Labeling Kit (Invitrogen™)

Zenon® labeling technology provides a fast, versatile, and reliable method for adding a fluorescent label to an antibody. You need only a small amount of starting material, and the method is optimized for efficient labeling of antibodies in serum, ascites fluid, or hybridoma suspensions. Antibody conjugates formed using Zenon® technology may be used in any protocol where a directly labeled primary antibody is suitable, including flow cytometry, imaging, and high-throughput applications. This exclusive Molecular Probes® Zenon® labeling technology greatly simplifies the use of multiple mouse-derived antibodies in the same staining protocol.

Important Features of Zenon® Labeling Technology:

• Labeled antibodies typically ready to use in 10 minutes
• Requires only 1–20 μg primary antibody
• Simple, no purification required
• Flexible–over 24 fluorophores plus biotin, HRP, alkaline phosphatase, and TSA to choose from
• Multiplex with other mouse monoclonal antibodies simultaneously

Save Time and Antibody
Each kit comes with affinity-purified monovalent Fab fragment of a goat anti-Fc antibody (or, in the case of the Zenon® Goat IgG Labeling Kits, a rabbit anti-Fc antibody) that has been conjugated to one of our premier Alexa Fluor® dyes or to Pacific Blue™, Pacific Orange™, fluorescein, or Texas Red®-X dyes, biotin R-phycoerythrin (R-PE), allophycocyanin (APC), HRP, or alkaline phosphatase.

Formation of the Fab–antibody complex with the Zenon® Antibody Labeling Kits is extremely fast (5 min for complex, 5 min for blocking step). And Zenon® labeling is a reliable and reproducible method, even with as low 0.4 μg in 2 μL of primary antibody. There is minimal waste of expensive or difficult-to-obtain antibodies when using the Zenon® Antibody Labeling Kits.

Preserve Primary Antibody Function and Affinities
Reactive dye labeling of primary antibodies can have unpredictable and undesirable outcomes. Among these are reduced binding affinities by label addition in the binding pocket. Zenon® antibody labeling approach, targeted to the Fc tail, avoids this concern.

Moreover the Zenon® dye- and enzyme-labeled Fab fragments have been affinity purified during their preparation to help ensure their high affinity and selectivity for the Fc portion of the corresponding primary antibody. The procedure for chemical labeling of the Fab fragments protects the Fc-binding site, resulting in more active labeling reagents.

Many Fluorophore and Enzyme Labels Available
Zenon® immunolabeling technology makes it very easy to change fluorescent color combinations or detection methodologies by simply using a different dye- or enzyme-labeled Fab fragment from our extensive selection of over 100 Zenon® Antibody Labeling Kits. If larger quantities or covalent attachment of the label is desired, see Antibody Labeling from A to Z or use our Labeling Chemistry Selection Tool for other choices.

Zenon® Technology Simplifies the Use of Multiple Antibodies of the Same Isotype in the Same Protocol
The stability of the Zenon® complex is sufficient to allow sequential (or simultaneous) labeling of different targets in cells and tissues with multiple antibody complexes. Subsequent to staining, an aldehyde-based fixation step can permanently block the transfer of Zenon® labels between different primary antibodies and will preserve the staining pattern.

We’ll Make a Custom Antibody Conjugate for You
If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our stocked list, we’ll prepare a custom antibody conjugate for you. Our custom conjugation service is efficient and confidential, and we stand by the quality of our work. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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