1-Step Human Coupled IVT Kit - DNA (Thermo Scientific™)

Thermo Scientific 1-Step Human In Vitro Protein Expression Kits enable the translation and post-transcriptional modification of full-length proteins from mRNA or plasmid templates with yields of up to 100 µg/mL per reaction.

The Human IVT Kits are unique HeLa cell lysate-based protein expression systems for in vitro translation or coupled transcription/translation reactions. Protein expression is performed in a single 90-minute reaction that can be extended for up to 6 hours with continued protein production up to 100 µg/mL when combined with the optimized pT7CFE1 Expression Vector. The Human IVT Kits can express functional enzymes, phosphoproteins, glycoproteins and membrane proteins for immediate use in studying protein interactions, performing rapid mutational analysis and measuring activity.

Features of the 1-Step Human Coupled IVT Kit:

Functional—uses the human translational machinery to express active proteins
Convenient—perform transcription and translation in a single step
High performance—greater yields compared to rabbit reticulocyte in vitro translation
Reliable—express proteins that fail in rabbit reticulocyte systems

Better Than Traditional Methods:
• HeLa cell-free extracts are capable of expressing proteins with post-translational modifications
• Accurate translation delivers full-length protein compatible with downstream applications
• Protein translation is optimized with EMCV IRES element and other mRNA stabilizing elements

• Complete kits contain HeLa cell lysate, accessory proteins, reaction mix, nuclease-free water, expression vector and a GFP-positive control vector

• 30°C incubator or water bath

• Express proteins to measure enzyme activity
• Perform mutational analysis
• Express protein for use in gel mobility shift assays
• Perform co-immunoprecipitation
• Express cytotoxic proteins
• Perform unnatural amino acid labeling

The 1-Step Coupled Human IVT Kit for DNA is a cell-free system using the cellular transcription and translation machinery from a modified HeLa cell line. The procedure is quick and easy and is an effective alternative to other protein expression methods. Simply add an appropriate expression construct to a mixture of HeLa cell lysate, Accessory Protiens, Reaction Mix and incubate at 30°C for 90 minutes to overnight.

The 1-Step Human IVT Kit for mRNA also uses the human protein translation machinery to produce functional protein. This kit is recommended for translation of mRNA transcripts containing an EMCV IRES element and mRNA stabilizing features designed into the pT7CFE1 expression vector.

The human in vitro translation system is robust and will express proteins from a variety of species including mammals, bacteria and protozoa. Benchmarking shows that the expression levels of functional proteins such as luciferase are much higher in the human system compared to either rabbit reticulocyte-based or E. coli-based systems. Furthermore, proteins expressed with the human in vitro translation system are not contaminated with substances that can interfere with downstream applications.

More Product Data
Protocol for in vitro protein expression using mRNA templates
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Order Codes

Code Description
88881 Unit Size: 8 reactions
88882 Unit Size: 40 reactions
88880 Unit Size: 10 µg
88899 Unit Size: 20 µg
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