MedaSonics First Beat Fetal Doppler (MedaSonics™)

The MedaSonics® First Beat® Fetal Doppler was specifically designed for early fetal detection. With the unique Early Detection Mode feature you can detect fetal life as early as 9 weeks. Additional features include a lock-on LCD display for fetal heart rate calculation and multiple listening configurations to suit individual preferences. Detect fetal life early in pregnancy. Assess the rate and rhythm of the fetal heart. Detect fetal life at an early gestational age at the touch of a button using Early Detection Mode. One Doppler provides the same sensitivity as a 2-MHz or 3-MHz probe.

Order Codes

Code Description
101-0300-010 - First Beat® Fetal Doppler System with Heart Rate Display
101-0327-010 - First Beat® Fetal Doppler System without Heart Rate Display
101-0301-010 - First Beat® with Stethoscope
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