Carter-Thomason Suture Passer (Carter-Thomason™)

CooperSurgical now offers two Suture Passers engineered for hernia repair – the original Carter-Thomason® Suture Passer and the reengineered Carter-Thomason Suture Passer. Both offer the precise control of a rigid needle that can easily pass through subcutaneous tissue and a choice of two handle and needle tip designs.

Order Codes

Code Description
CTXL-SG Carter-Thomason II Port Closure System XL, XL Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm & (1) 15 mm Suture Guide (Box of 3)
CTI-SP Suture Passer
CTSG Advanced SureGrasp Suture Passer
CTI-1015SG Carter-Thomason SG Closure System, SureGrasp Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm Suture Guide & (1) 15 mm Suture Guide (Box of 5)
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