Carter-Thomason CloseSure System - Port Site Closure (Carter-Thomason™)

Closing any trocar site is a simple, fast and safe procedure with the Carter-Thomason CloseSure System. The cone-shaped Pilot® Guide correctly angles the suture passer to achieve full thickness closure – including fascia and peritoneum (preventing Richter’s Hernias) – while maintaining pneumoperitoneum. The guide's unique design ensures precise placement of the suture passer for consistent, reproducible results on any body type.

Order Codes

Code Description
CTI-512N Carter-Thomason CloseSure System (5 Systems/Box)
CTI-1015N Carter-Thomason CloseSure Suture Passer, Pilot Guides: (1) 10/12 mm, (1) 15 mm, Sterile/Single-Use (5 Guides/Box)
CTXL Carter-Thomason CloseSure Suture Passer XL, Pilot Guides: (1) 10/12 mm XL, (1) 15 mm XL, Sterile/Single-Use (3 Systems/Box)
PG-15S Carter-Thomason CloseSure 15 mm Pilot Guides (Standard): Sterile/Single-Use (5 Guides/Box)
PG-5/10 Pilot Guides: (1) 5 mm, (1) 10/12, Sterile/Single-Use (5 Guides/Box)
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