Carter-Thomason II Port Site Closure System (Carter-Thomason™)

The Carter-Thomason II Port Closure System is an intuitively useful surgical tool that enables precise, repeatable port site closure even in overweight and obese patients. The ease of use, ergonomically designed controls and upgraded construction all add up to safer, more efficient and reliable procedures.

Order Codes

Code Description
CTI-1012P (1) Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm Suture Guide (5 Systems/Box)
CTI-1015P (1) Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm Suture Guide, (1) 15 mm Suture Guide (5 Systems/Box)
CTXL-P (1) XL Suture Passer, (1) 10/12 mm XL Suture Guide, (1) 15 mm XL Suture Guide (3 Systems/Box)
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