Lone Star Elastic Stays (Lone Star™)

From delicate tissues to substantial anatomical structures, the Lone Star Elastic Stays provide the retraction necessary to achieve and maintain optimal visualization throughout a variety of procedures. Available in both sharp and blunt options, the Elastic Stays fit securely within the slots of the Lone Star Retractors ensuring reproducible, reliable results case after case. 

Order Codes

Code Description
3335-4G 20 mm Spira three-finger (4/Pack)
3338-4G 6.5 mm x 16 mm solid blade (4/Pack)
3350-1G 12 mm blunt hook (50/Case)
3350-8G 12 mm blunt hook (8/Pack)
3350L-4G 12 mm blunt hook, elongated lead (4/Pack)
3384-4 12 mm two-finger blunt hook (4/Pack)
3550-1G 12 mm blunt hook, dual lead (50/Case)
3316-1G 5 mm blunt hook (50/case)
3316-8G 5 mm blunt hook (8/Pack)
3311-1G 5 mm sharp hook (50/Case)
3311-8G 5 mm sharp hook (8/Pack)
3314-1G 3 mm sharp hook (50/Case)
3314-8G 3 mm sharp hook (8/Pack)
3325-4G 5 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3327-4G 7 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3329-4G 9 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3331-4G 13 mm Spira blunt hook (4/Pack)
3330-4G 13 mm x 16 mm solid blade (4/Pack)
3332-4G 14 mm x 16 mm two-finger (4/Pack)
3333-4G 16 mm Spira two-finger (4/Pack)
3334-4G 20 mm x 16 mm four-finger (4/Pack)
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